With BMW Original Oil & Service

No matter how you wish to organise your life, your BMW accompanies you wherever you go. This leaves its mark. Protect your BMW with the Original BMW Engine Oil and benefit from outstanding performance and a long service life. Treat your BMW to more engine smoothness with the Original BMW Engine Oil and Service.


Your BMW Service Partner will be pleased to advise you on all the products and services that will help you drive your BMW engine to peak performances and preserve its operating life. Take more time for the pleasant things in life and use our convenient online facility to arrange an appointment with a BMW Service Partner in your area now!


BMW TwinPower Turbo engine oils support the properties of BMW engines and contribute to full power delivery with high efficiency as they help to protect the engine against wear and corrosion. This helps to keep the engine clean and to increase its service life. With Original BMW TwinPower Turbo Engine Oils you are always on the safe side. Whether ‘Select’ engine oils in the silver category, ‘Premium Efficiency’ engine oils in the gold category or ‘BMW M Performance’ engine oils in the red category - discover the ideal Original BMW engine oil for your BMW engine and benefit from long-lasting performance.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Silver

BMW TwinPower Turbo Silver. Engine oils for sustainable driving pleasure: Not only do these oils contribute to a good engine performance, the oils also help to keep critical engine parts clean and to protect the engine.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Gold

BMW TwinPower Turbo Gold. Engine oils for an outstanding performance: Engine oils in the “Gold” category set new standards, contributing to achieve an outstanding engine performance and high engine protection. Oils with the “FE” on the label (= fuel economy) also show fuel savings in the NEDC compared to BMW Longlife-01 Engine Oils.

BMW TwinPower Turbo Red

Refilling with adrenalin: Engine oils in the ‘M TwinPower Turbo’ category are tailored to the specific requirements of the BMW M high-performance engines and provide exceptional bearing protection and an outstanding performance, even under extreme conditions.

  1. Shows improved fuel economy, which leads to reduced CO₂ emissions.(1)
  2. Protect the engine from sludge, which enables a long engine service life.(2)
  3. Capture dirt particles, which reduces deposits in the engine.
  4. Has lower tendency to evaporate, which leads to low oil consumption and thus less frequent top-ups.(3)
  5. Ensures an outstanding low temperature performance, even in temepratures as low as -40°C, which enables easier cold-start characteristics.(4)

(1) Proven fuel saving of BMW Longlife-01 FE (LL01 FE 0W-30), LL12FE 0W-30, LL17FE+ 0W-20; (i) in WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure) compared to BMW Longlife-01 engine oils (tested on a BMW vehicle).
(2) Based on industry standard sludge tests.
(3) Based on industry standard NOACK tests.
(4) Applies for all 0W-grades. 5W-grades ensure a low-temperature performance in temperature as low as -35°C.