BMW Wheels & Tyres

On the road, music blasting from the speakers, and suddenly there’s a rain shower. Take control and go for the Original BMW Wheels and Tires with star marking. Absolutely reliable – with more safety for rough weather, any driving situation and any road surface. Driving pleasure and safety – for an all-round good feeling.


On the road with greater ease: BMW Wheels and Tires with star marking.


All Original BMW Wheels and Tires are individually developed for the driving dynamics and the design language of specific BMW Model.


Each tire has passed stringgent testing with up to 50 different quality criteria (the EU tire label demands compliance with only three criteria).


Tires with star marking convience with a practicularly long life, top safety ratings and start-of-the-art-flat technology.


Original BMW Wheels and Tires with star marking.

The star marking indicates that a tire has been specially produced for BMW – and in accordance with the highest BMW standards. The development of the tires also begins at an early stage in the development of the vehicle and can take up to three years, culminating in extensive testing. Tires with star marking are tested in six general areas: safety, wear, comfort, efficiency and – characteristic for BMW – in two areas of driving pleasure: driving style and sporty behavior. In addition, they are developed in collaboration with selected premium manufacturers: Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. Simply ask your BMW Service Partner for tires with star marking – precisely fitting, tested and safe.


Original BMW Complete Wheels.

Why choose when you can have everything? With Original BMW Complete Wheels, safety goes hand in hand with perfect styling. When Original BMW Complete Wheels are tested, nothing is held back. In extensive simulations and in the toughest practical use situations, they have to prove that they’ve earned the title “Original BMW” under all driving conditions. The design variety of the various styles offers every customer the right complete wheel.

795 M.

High quality 20” M Performance forged wheels Y-spoke style 795 M in Jet Black matt. TPMS Summer Complete Wheels with run-flat mixed tires.

624 M.

20” M Performance forged wheels Y-spoke style 795 M in Jet Black matt. TPMS Summer Complete Wheels with run-flat mixed tires.

669 M.

20" BMW M Performance light alloy wheels, forged, in bi-colour matt black, milled and gloss-lathed on the visible side. Complete Wheels with run-flat mixed tires.

732 M.

High-quality 20" M Performance forged wheels Multi-spoke style 732 M in Bicolor Night Gold, gloss-milled. TPMS Summer Complete Wheels with run-flat mixed tires.

749 M.

Weight-optimised 22'' M Performance light alloy wheels Star-spoke style 749 M in Bicolor Jet Black, gloss-lathed. TPMS Summer Complete Wheels with mixed tires.

Valve caps.

High-quality valve caps from aluminium for the effective protection of TPMS aluminium valves. With BMW logo.

Hub cap.

The floating hub cap consists of the BMW logo that no longer turns with the wheel but instead remains level.

Wheel bolt locking system.

The premium quality, extremely reliable wheel bolt locking system features four wheel bolt locks with special lathed BMW encoding.

Advantages of the complete wheel

- Wide spectrum of styles to choose from (colours, surfaces, materials, spoke shapes, sizes), also in winter
- Perfect alignment of alloy wheel, tyres and TPMS sensor
- Attractive offers in different inch sizes
- Guaranteed spare parts supply for 10 years (from launch)
- Strict manufacturing and inspection procedures such as testing methods: saltwater spray test, x-ray test, leak test, test bench for load ratio under extreme conditions, practical test on the Nürburgring.

Advantages of the light-alloy wheel

- Less weight
- Driving dynamics and handling
- Exclusivity and design
- Durability

Summer Wheels

The ideal tire for the warm months of the year: summer tires represent an optimum of comfort, acoustics and rolling resistance. The special structure of their tread pattern has a rubber compound that does not become too soft even at very high temperatures. With larger tread blocks and less lamella structure, they reliably prevent aquaplaning and offer increased directional stability and steering precision even at high speeds. Not only does this make your ride safer, it also delivers superior comfort and handling even at high speeds. Good to know: when temperatures exceed 7 °C, your tires should be changed to summer tires.

Braking Distance

Considerable differences in braking distance in the same model result not only from the product properties but also from the road condition – it can increase the braking distance tenfold, e.g. on slippery roads. To keep the braking distance as short as possible, we recommend the seasonal Original BMW Complete Wheels and Tires with star marking, which are ideally matched to the BMW. The tread depth is particularly important for the suitability of a tyre: experts recommend a tire change if the tread depth is less than 4mm.



In the event of tire damages due to road hazard such as puncture, bulging, cut burst and torn, you are entitled for replacement tires up to 100% cost of tires and free labor cost*.

  • Damaged tire(s) will be replaced, not repaired.
  • BMW Tire Coverage is attached to the car, and transferable to the next owner* – adds BMW resale value.
  • It entitles at all BMW Authorized Dealership.

Customer Benefits:
Ultimate peace of mind. Inclusive 2 years of tire damages replacement program in your BMW**.

* Terms and conditions applied.
** Inclusive in NIK 2020 car price.


The dictionary provides definitions for everything related to wheels and tires.

Tire Components

Original BMW Wheels and Tires with star marking offer many advantages because they are developed to fit the BMW model in question. Traction, directional stability, steering behaviour, comfort and acoustics are optimally adapted. The tire’s tread ensures good road grip and water displacement, improved high-speed capability and optimised driving stability and rolling resistance. Shaping layers inside the tire keep it stable even under high internal pressure. The side strip protects the tire from lateral damage and provides improved steering and comfort. The steel core supports the firm fit on the rim. All-in-all: the specific tyre structure provides a clear advantage in safety and driving dynamics.

Tire Wall

The aspect ratio is the ratio of tire height to tire width in % (H/W). It is indicated within the size designation of the tire. Example: a tyre with a dimension 175/70 R 13 has a width of 175 mm, the side height is 70% of the width. The date of manufacture is indicated within the DOT marking on the sidewall of a tire. The so-called DOT number indicates, among other things, the age of the tyre in encoded form. For example, “2413” means that a tire was manufactured in the 24th week of 2013.


You can always rely on run-flat technology. Not because you can continue to driving for another 80 kilometres at a speed of 80 km/h after a puncture – it’s just because you can continue to drive. Continuing to drive means safety and comfort. The reinforced sides of run-flat technology tires stabilise your vehicle so you don’t have to stop in unsuitable places to change tires. Instead, simply drive on to your nearest BMW Service Partner.

Tire types

For the first time, customers with particularly high requirements on and off the road can purchase a special wheel set from BMW to increase off-road capability. It is equipped with the latest all-terrain Grabber AT3 tire and will be available with the new BMW X5. The wheel set is only available through after sales.