BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer


Driving dynamics meet efficiency in the first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine, sophisticated chassis system and a crisp Steptronic transmission: The first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer offers an astounding sporty driving experience on long straights and tight bends alike. And it’s efficient, too: Thank to its intelligent energy management with BMW EfficientDynamics technology, the first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer is easy on fuel consumption, on the environment – and on your wallet, too.


Whether the goal is maximum performance or minimum fuel consumption – for BMW, the focus is always on delivering quintessential BMW driving pleasure. BMW EfficientDynamics is the strategy developed by BMW to minimise fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while simultaneously increasing dynamics and driving pleasure. It is a comprehensive technology package that encompasses the engine, energy management and the vehicle concept – and is standard in every BMW. The new generation of petrol engines in the BMW TwinPower Turbo family is responsible for the improved performance and lower fuel consumption. Optimised aerodynamics contribute to increasing efficiency, as does BMW EfficientLightweight, which simultaneously lowers weight and increases vehicle rigidity by using the right materials for the right parts. This is a demonstration of the impressive innovation leadership at BMW, the only major car manufacturer that relies on ultralight and highly rigid carbon fibre (CFRP) as a key material. It is a comprehensive collection of technologies, including an intelligent energy management system and the optional ECO PRO mode, which supports driving that optimises fuel consumption.


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The dynamic drive system of the first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer combines excellent performance with outstanding efficiency. The BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine as well as the 6-speed Steptronic transmission with optimised gradation between the gears help to ensure optimum power delivery, improved responsiveness and low emissions as well as a smooth drive.

Thanks to BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, the innovative new generation of BMW petrol engine from the BMW EfficientDynamics engine range can deliver an agile performance and excellent responsiveness even at low rpms, all while being exceptionally fuel efficient and low in emissions. Increased efficiency and optimal dynamics guarantee noticeably more intense driving pleasure.

The 6-speed Steptronic transmission makes changing gears and driving significantly more convenient by improving responsiveness when shifting the transmission. This is thanks to optimised hydraulic control. It unites outstanding comfort with dynamic driving and increased fuel-efficiency.


Reduce fuel consumption, increase driving pleasure: Thanks to intelligent energy management from BMW EfficientDynamics in the first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, you can get more from every drop of fuel. More performance, more efficiency and more fun.

The ECO PRO mode helps drivers reduce their fuel consumption by up to 20 percent, depending on their driving style – according to an internal BMW fuel consumption study. The coasting function and ECO PRO route offer further savings potential.

The Automatic Start/Stop function switches off the engine when the vehicle comes to a temporary standstill (e.g. at traffic lights or in a traffic jam) to further reduce overall fuel consumption. When the driver presses down on the clutch (manual transmission) or takes their foot off the brake (Steptronic transmission), the engine automatically starts up again in a fraction of a second.

Every time the brakes are hit, kinetic energy is generated and until recently this energy went unused. Brake Energy Regeneration takes advantage of this long-overlooked potential. It harnesses the coasting energy that is generated whenever the driver brakes or takes his or her foot off the accelerator and turns it into electricity.
This electricity is then used to charge the car battery. The intelligent energy management system means that the alternator no longer needs to run constantly, which reduces the strain on the generator. The result: reduced fuel consumption and increased performance – classic BMW EfficientDynamics.

Perfectly timed gear shifts can significantly help save fuel, particularly in urban traffic and over long distances. Optimised gear shifts, lower fuel consumption – the engine electronics calculate the most efficient gear for each driving situation and engine speed. An illuminated arrow symbol appears in the Info Display whenever the vehicle could be operating more efficiently in a higher or lower gear. The system also recognises quick acceleration, and will delay its recommendation accordingly until the engine speed has increased. BMW internal comparative tests have shown that vehicles with the Optimum Shift Indicator use around four per cent less fuel.


Thanks to targeted aerodynamic measures, every BMW boasts excellent air resistance figures. This has a positive impact on efficiency and driving stability, and reduces the level of noise in the interior. This is thanks to sophisticated solutions such as air vent control, the flat underbody cover, the air blades on the rear or the Air Curtain in the front apron.

The front apron with an integrated Air Curtain is a design feature that embodies the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy. The Air Curtain channels air through two vertical air inlets and along the front wheel arches so that the accelerated air flow creates a kind of "curtain" on the outer side of the wheels. These innovative technologies reduce turbulence and air resistance, which in turn significantly reduces fuel consumption.

The air blades refer to extensions of the upper body pillars on the sides at the back of the car. They interrupt the flow of air, reducing turbulence behind the car. As a result, air resistance is reduced, as well as fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The air blades also lend the rear of the car a dynamic look.


Agility in city traffic or relaxation on long driving holidays: The first-ever BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer adapts perfectly to the respective road conditions and ensures the utmost driving pleasure at all times. Stay on the right track at all times – thanks to the electromechanical power steering, which delivers a direct steering response and also boosts agility and driving comfort. Perfectly attuned to the drive concept, it impresses with its precision, its direct response and the reduced physical effort required when parking. Variable sport steering with Servotronic ensures a direct and agile steering response and helps to minimise the physical effort required to turn the wheel. It reacts to the angle of the steering wheel with varying steering ratios. This improves handling when using a sporty driving style as well as comfort during parking and turning.